Photography is an animal—wild, unpredictable, fragile, surprising. Take it into the ocean and it’s even harder to tame, subject to the turn of the tide, the light dancing off the water, even the skill of the surfers sliding by.  Nick spends much of his time in the water studying its ever-changing nature, not uncommon for a surfer. “When you spend that much time in and around a place like the ocean, you can’t help but notice all the subtle changes it’s going through. The slightest wind shift can change the whole day."

Nick is a world renowned photographer, whose work has appeared in Outside Magazine, National Geographic Adventure, Surfer and Monster Children, and by the looks of his sun-soaked action shots, you’d assume he’s some fourth-generation West Coast dweller—but you’d be mistaken. “The colder, more raw places seem to have the most effect on me. New England is home. Everything about it keeps me here.”  There, except for when he’s doing what inspires him most: traveling.  “That feeling of stepping off the plane in a new place that you’ve never laid eyes on before—that really fuels my creativity when it comes to making images.”  And for Nick, that means images that are as storied—and unpredictable—as his next getaway.

Nick's work has been seen in international publications  Monster Children,  National Geographic Adventure,  New York Times Magazine,  Outside,  Saturdays,  Surfer

Nick has worked with  Adidas,  Apple,  BMW Motorcycles,  Banks Brand,  Bose,  Burton Snowboards,  GH Bass,  Google,  Grain Surfboards,  Huckberry,  Hurley,  LL Bean,  Nissan,  Nixon,  Quiksilver,  Raen Optics,  Red Bull,  Roxy,  Reef,  Seea,  Slow Tide,  Stance,  Sugarloaf Mtn,  Timberland,  Urban Outfitters,  Vans,  Verizon,  Villager

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